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Rope body: polyester

 Webbing sheath: polyester
Handle: inside steel ring + PE heat shrinkable tube
Leather case: silicone
Protective case : PVC mesh cloth
10m weight:8.95kg

1.Polyester cover. designed to withstand rigorous use, the cover on surrounding the rope will help deter dirt and prevent the rope form fraying ,this allows the battle rope to be used virtually anywhere.
2.Special handle structure. handle length 15.5mm, diameter 37mm,built-in steel ring, frosted PE heat-shrinkable tube, strong and durable, strong anti-skid.
3.Double layer protection ,durable .high-strength polyester, PVC clip net cloth protective cover, Combined with special handle structure, Inside steel ring, Surface frosted PE heat shrinkable tube, strong and durable, with good anti-skid.
4.5inch diameter, ideal for general fitness and tough grip workout
5.Workout physical coordination core strength