Crossfit: The Rising Sport in the Philippines

A few months into this pandemic, there's no doubt that gyms are closing and almost every sport has struggled to cope with this. You now have countless hours stuck at home, finding ways to how to manage your time during this lockdown. But there is one way to spend those hours at home, which is focusing on your health. It's already a given fact that exercise and a good diet will lead you to a healthy lifestyle, but how will you keep this up for months, or in worse case scenarios, years? One solution for this is engaging in Crossfit. Crossfit started in 2000, founded by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai and is a sport with constant variation, functional movements, and high-intensity. Let me break that up.

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One of the main characteristics of Crossfit is that it is constantly varied. Every training session, you will be faced with different workouts with different intensity, weights, time domains, or even movements. On one day, could be dealing with heavy bench presses and the next day, it would be 200 pushups. Crossfit is very diverse and could cater to your needs in terms of one's own fitness goals. This could be beneficial for someone who is just stuck at home because working out never gets boring. One has to deal with different movements with different intensities which makes every workout unique and could be directed towards your programs.


Functional movements, now, are the actions that we do every single day. The movements that Crossfit has can relate to just sitting on a chair, picking something up, or even just reaching for something on your shelves. When I hear this, this could relate to every person, all shapes and sizes, nationality, and ethnicity. Even the older men and women can actually do Crossfit. No one can ever say "I can't do Crossfit, it's too intense."


Now here is where the level of intensity comes in. Every person's level of intensity varies on their tolerance, physically and psychologically so there is no doubt that every person can do Crossfit because it will always cater to the demands of their body and fitness types. High intensity only means working until they are near the limits of their capacity.

Crossfit has been a growing trend, especially here in the Philippines. You have probably already done a Crossfit workout even if you have not heard of the term yet. There have been multiple gyms and affiliates here in the Philippines that are already devoted to the sport. The country also has been recognized in the sport by participating in the biggest Crossfit competition in the world, the Crossfit Games. In 2019, Justin Hernandez and Kristen Lim lead the charge in representing the Philippines which made more people engage in the sport.

As the world of Crossfit continues to emerge in the country, I encourage you to start as well. One workout I want to suggest for you to do is a TABATA workout. It's a workout with 4 sets of 20 seconds of doing work, and a 10-second rest and the movements can be chosen by you. It's as simple as doing air squats as one movement, then pushups as another. But what I really love about the TABATA workout is that there are songs to measure the time limits, just search "TABATA" on Spotify, Youtube, or Apple Music. Now that you know how to do the sport, get off your bed and start working out!


Photo Credits: @wodyoudoing

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