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Studio Solutions

Stark Fitness is now ready to kick up your cadence and lighten the resistance to all of your business goals. Maximizing member engagement and streamlining all of your operations from lead nurturing to the back office, it delivers everything you need for spinning success and fitness business strength.

Increase the Pace of Studio Growth

The spinning class is a big and up-coming part of the fitness repertoire. It's an easy way to combine a heart-pounding workout with a camaraderie of a group class as a recipe for fitness success. Today, riders have dozen of choices when looking for an indoor cycling class. But only one can successfully bring all the best aspects of indoor cycling into one incredible package for facilities and gym operators nationwide -- it just so happens that we can offer that great experience with premium quality bikes that is also reasonably priced.

Spinning delivers complete end-to-end solutions for facilities. With Stark Fitness, a brand new up-and-coming brand, your members will get a comfortable, authentic, and injury-free rides for years to come.

Re-defining the phrase of 'being fit'

Our studio solutions are one of the many ways we hope to fulfil our mission. We want all our participants to find the champion within themselves both mentally and physically. The fittest are those who can be the best version of themselves. We aim to create a nationwide community that is dedicated to supporting one another and bringing the incredible health and fitness benefits of Spinning to everyone. This mentality extends to our Spinning Facilities as well. We are offering more and more solutions for facilities to get the most out of their Spinner bikes and keep their members coming back for more.

Spinning is poised to enhance this life-changing experience even more. Together we will continue to shape the new fitness categories and inspire new education to make the best indoor cycling experience in the country.

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