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SF-LIGHT-SS1 Single Station

₱50,150.00 ₱59,000.00
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SF-LIGHT-SS1 Single Station allows for both traditional (chest press), converging (converging chest press), and extended arm (pec fly) paths of motions from the same seated position.

Ergonomically-positioned handles promote proper wrist angles during pressing and
pulling exercises. Pivot arcs are strategically-positioned to provide the most natural feel during full ranges of motion.

Pec fly path of motion mimics dumbbell fly movement. Great exercise variety in a small  package. Further challenge your lower-body muscles with the optional leg press/ calf

- 1460*800*2080(L*W*H)
- 66 kg weight stack
- Main Function: chest press, seated row, pec fly, lat pull down, leg extension, etc.