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SF-LIGHT-SS2 Luxury Single Station

₱102,850.00 ₱121,000.00
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SF-LIGHT-SS2 Luxury Single Station allows for both traditional (chest press), converging (converging chest press), and extended arm (pec fly) paths of motions from the same seated position.

With it's sleek and modern design, it will go perfect with any home. Ergonomically-positioned handles promote proper wrist angles during pressing and pulling exercises. Pivot arcs are strategically-positioned to provide the most natural feel
during full ranges of motion.

Pec fly path of motion mimics dumbbell fly movement. Great exercise variety in a small package. Further challenge your lower-body muscles with the optional leg press/ calf

- 90 kg (11pcs) weight stack
- Main Function: chest press, seated row, pec fly, lat pull down, leg extension, etc.
- 162*100*210cm dimensions