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SF-PRO1-HPLT High Pull & Low Rowing Trainer

₱126,900.00 ₱141,000.00
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High Pull & Low Rowing Trainer provides a comfortable workout to the users. It gives a natural movement to body and muscles groups. Its perfectly designed handlebar distributes the load equally thereby, satisfying users with their workout session.

This equipment has the benefit of both lat pull-down and mid-row exercise movements. SF-PRO1-HPLT High Pull & Low Rowing Trainer meets the demands of any fitness facility or home users with high built quality and durability. 


- Tube Size: 150*50*t2.0mm
- Weight Stack 90 KG
- Dimension: 152*82.3*224.7 cm 
- Muscles trained: Latissimus  dorsi, cucullaris, biceps brachii